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KUUL® evaporative media is a specialized series of premier evaporative media comprised of a unique blend of superior raw materials and a proprietary application of intelligent design to provide enhanced cooling performance. We use only the highest quality raw materials and manufacture all products to the highest quality standards. KUUL evaporative media is engineered to be resistant to hostile environments, but proper maintenance practices for cleanliness, hygiene and scale control is necessary to ensure product longevity.

Please follow these manufacturer recommended guidelines for maximum product life of your KUUL evaporative media:

  • Maintain system air filtration.
  • Maintain water distribution for proper washing of the media.
  • Frequently check system for damaged or clogged pieces of media. A soft bristled brush can be used to remove heavy debris.
  • Use disinfectants at low and safe concentrations per manufacturer guidelines (chlorine at 1-2 ppm can be beneficial as a disinfectant).
  • Provide a water supply with pH less than 8 and greater than 6. Water supply should be free of excessive dissolved solids and nutrients.
  • Avoid using reverse osmosis or deionized water.
  • Control sump water concentration with continuous bleedoff (3-4% per day) or sump dumping.
  • Keep on/off wetting cycles to a minimum; however, media should be allowed to dry completely once every 24 hours.
  • Keep the media and sump shaded from direct sunlight.

These steps are required for product longevity and will allow large debris wash off, minimal living organism development, low mineral concentrations in sump and ensure damage is not caused by aggressive water treatments.

CONTROL Evaporative Media Maintenance Guide PDF


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