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The intelligent design of KUUL media is specifically engineered to deliver optimum performance, and each piece must be installed properly. Refer to the directional label located on the side of the evaporative media to ensure you install the product facing the correct direction. The label will show which end should be pointing upward and which side should face forward based on the direction of airflow. You might notice the evaporative media looks similar from different directions and orientations. Incorrect installation can greatly reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the evaporative media.


KUUL evaporative media are made from superior materials that may initially emit a slight scent or odor. While this typically dissipates quickly, to accelerate the process, you can flush the evaporative media with water before using. With the evaporative cooling system turned off, run water over the evaporative media, changing the water until the odor dissipates.


Extreme conditions should be avoided to help reduce risk, protect your evaporative media and keep your environment safe. KUUL evaporative media should not be exposed to sparks, open flame, extremely high temperatures or other sources which may ignite the material.


If you have further questions about installing your new evaporative media, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Have the details of your installation on hand, and our Portacool customer service experts will be happy to help.

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